Sunday, March 18, 2018
Fitment Application

Kit Type 1: BRAKE KIT: Forged Dynalite Front Drag Brake Kit
Spindle Type:
Drop Spindle; Factory Disc Spindle;

Chrysler Chrysler Cordoba 1975-1983 All
Chrysler Chrysler Fifth Avenue 1983-1989 All
Chrysler Chrysler Imperial 1981-1983 All
Chrysler Chrysler Lebaron 1977-1981 All
Chrysler Chrysler New Yorker 1979-1982 All
Chrysler Chrysler New Yorker 1983-1989 All RWD only
Chrysler Chrysler Newport 1979-1981 All
Dodge Dodge A-Body 1973-1976 All
Dodge Dodge Aspen 1976-1980 All
Dodge Dodge B-Body 1973-1979 All
Dodge Dodge Challenger 1973-1974 All
Dodge Dodge Charger 1973-1978 All
Dodge Dodge Charger 1975 All from 5/75
Dodge Dodge Charger 1975 All to 5/75
Dodge Dodge Coronet 1973-1976 All
Dodge Dodge Dart 1973-1976 Disc Brake Spindle
Dodge Dodge Dart Demon 1973-1976 All
Dodge Dodge Diplomat 1977-1989 All
Dodge Dodge E-Body 1973-1974 All
Dodge Dodge F-Body 1976-1980 All
Dodge Dodge J-Body 1980-1983 All
Dodge Dodge Magnum 1978-1979 All
Dodge Dodge Mirada 1980-1983 All
Dodge Dodge Monaco 1978 All
Dodge Dodge Monaco 1977 All Except Royal
Dodge Dodge R/T 1976-1978 All
Dodge Dodge St. Regis 1979-1981 All
Magnum Force Magnum Force 2.00 " Drop Spindle 9999 Magnum Force 2.0" Drop Spindle (73-80 Mopar)
Plymouth Plymouth A-Body 1973-1976 All
Plymouth Plymouth B-Body 1973-1979 All
Plymouth Plymouth Barracuda 1973-1974 All
Plymouth Plymouth Caravelle 1982-1984 All
Plymouth Plymouth Caravelle 1985 All RWD only
Plymouth Plymouth Cuda 1973-1974 All
Plymouth Plymouth Duster 1973-1976 All
Plymouth Plymouth E-Body 1973-1974 All
Plymouth Plymouth F-Body 1976-1980 All
Plymouth Plymouth Fury 1978 All
Plymouth Plymouth Fury 1975-1977 Except Gran Fury
Plymouth Plymouth GTX 1973-1975 All
Plymouth Plymouth J-Body 1980-1983 All
Plymouth Plymouth Roadrunner 1973-1980 All
Plymouth Plymouth Satellite 1973-1974 All
Plymouth Plymouth Scamp 1973-1976 All
Plymouth Plymouth Valiant 1973-1976 Disc Brake Spindle
Plymouth Plymouth Volare 1976-1980 All


  • Brake Kits are designed to fit OE Factory Spindles. Contact Wilwood if you are not using a factory spindle.

  • Brake Kit may fit other vehicles, call Wilwood Sales⁄Tech Support at (805) 388-1188 for more information.