Saturday, March 24, 2018
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  Pad Plate:  8517       
Brake Pad Plate #8517

Brake Pad Plate #8517
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Plate Characteristics

Thickness (in): .67
Pad Area (in²): 9.2
Pad Volume (in³): 4.5
Fits Wilwood Calipers:
   Ordering Information for Pad Plate 8517
Non-Bedded Pads - by Compounds
InfoCompoundApplicationQuantityPricePart NumberPurchase
PolyMatrix E Street Performance / Racing Pads4 Pads $113.78 15E-6941K
Call (805) 388-1188
PolyMatrix J High-Temperature Racing Pads4 Pads $234.30 15J-10019K
Call (805) 388-1188