Friday, April 20, 2018
Flexline No: 220-10417

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Flexline Kit
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Product Number: 220-10417     Price: $124.95
Length (In): Size: Inlet Fitting: Inlet Fitting Angle: Outlet Fitting: Outlet Fitting Angle: Line Fitment Center:
14.00 -3 -3 Female Straight -3 Female 90 Degree LN01
Application(s): Mustang 2005 CPB Rear Kit
Kit Notes: FLEXLINE KIT,CPB,MUSTANG,2005-2010          
Complete Kit:
Wilwood Flexline Kit

Wilwood Flexline Kit
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Caliper Fitting:
Wilwood Flexline Kit Caliper Fitting

Wilwood Flexline Kit Caliper Fitting

Chassis Fitting:
Wilwood Flexline Kit Chassis Fitting

Wilwood Flexline Kit Chassis Fitting

Fitting:           220-10416 Fitting:           220-6890
Angle:           Banjo 0 De Size:           -3 to M10 x 1 BF
Thread:        10mm Banjo
Weight(Lbs.): 1 Qty Ea: 1 Qty / Kit: 2 Chassis Clip: 300-6416 Line Bracket: 250-9140 / 250-9141
Wilwood’s stainless steel braided Flexline Kits are manufactured to high quality standards and are available in various -3 styles. These premium grade flexline kits have been designed for application specific kits. They are available as an optional item when ordering your disc brake kits and include all the required fittings. Wilwood highly recommends using these top quality flexlines as replacement for the OE rubber hoses.