Saturday, April 21, 2018
Wilwood Original Equipment (OE) Products

National Stock Numbers
Wilwood carries National Stock Number parts for calipers, rotors, brake pads, brackets, pad kits and kit wear plates along with miscellaneous hardware. These parts are used by AM General and General Dynamics in their military vehicles. Contact our OEM Department at (805) 384-4186 and ask to speak to one of our OEM technical representatives for information on all the NSN parts that we have in stock.
OE Calipers
Wilwood manufactures a large selection of calipers for a wide range of applications including single and dual piston calipers, cast iron calipers, four and six piston calipers with stainless steel pistons, narrow mount calipers, compact low profile sliding mount calipers, compact lightweight calipers, die cast aluminum calipers, dual hydraulic calipers, motorcycle calipers and specialized calipers for specific applications.
Hat Bell Mount Rotors & One Piece Parking Brake Rotors
Wilwood produces over 120 different types of premium rotors designed for high performance applications. Although a rotor’s basic function is to disperse energy (in the form of heat) created by the brake pads clamping onto the rapidly rotating rotor, how well a rotor performs this job under the extreme conditions is why Wilwood rotors are considered the best in the industry. Wilwood rotors are .made with aluminum, carbon ceramic, iron, Spec 37 iron alloy, stainless, steel and titanium and designs include staggered directional vanes, curved vanes, straight vanes, drilled and vented, scalloped vented, carbon ceramic, steel, SRP drilled and slotted, motorcycle rotors and disc/drum rotors for internal parking brakes.
Pedal Assemblies & Hardware
Wilwood has over 25 pedal assemblies available in floor mount and swing mount designs. The floor mount pedal assemblies come as a triple pedal with a brake, clutch and throttle and three master cylinders, or a single pedal design with one or two master cylinders. The swing mount pedal assemblies come as a dual pedal or single pedal with one or two master cylinders depending on the design.
Master Cylinders, Proportioning & Pressure Valves
Wilwood manufacturers over 75 master cylinders and a large selection of proportioning valves. The master cylinders come in aluminum, plastic and steel and with tandem or single outlets and can be placed inline or remotely. Master cylinder styles include tandem chamber, compact, detached reservoir, integral reservoir, light-weight aluminum and handle-bar. There are a selection of different bore sizes and installation configurations depending on the application use.
Hats are precision machined from premium aluminum alloy for high strength and minimized weight. Fixed mount iron hats are made of premium grade cast iron are possible to use bolt-on rotors on vehicles equipped with internal shoe parking brake assemblies. Wilwood Hats are available in a variety of configurations for use with racing hubs, flanged axles, and several OE applications.
Brake Fluid & Assembly Lube
Wilwood has developed three types of brake fluid for different applications. Wilwood EXP 600 Plus is a highly refined blend developed for extreme performance under the high heat and extreme pressure of professional motorsports. Wilwood’s specially formulated Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570° F. dry boiling point to withstand the severe heat requirements of automotive racing. Wilwood FIVE is a highly refined silicone brake fluid, formulated to preserve the looks and reliability on classic vehicles and show cars. Its non-hygroscopic blend blocks moisture absorption to inhibit internal system corrosion.
Brake Pads & Friction Materials
Wilwood has over 230 different types of brake pads in inventory. We use twelve different brake pad friction compounds that are designed for specific performance characteristics related to heat range, cold torque, hot torque and wear rate. Wilwood can help you find the optimum pad compound for the given application. Contact our OEM Department at (805) 384-4186 and ask to speak to one of our OEM technical representatives for detailed information on our brake pads and friction materials.
Wilwood’s Forged Billet Hubs are made from premium grade alloy billets that are forged into shape under high heat and pressure, then CNC machined for precise fit on each spindle application. Specific hub styles are available for either hat mounting of rotors, or direct mounting of rotors by using intermediate rotor adapters. Starlite 55-XD hubs elevate performance and versatility for extreme applications that require uncompromised strength without excessive additional weight. At just over 7 pounds, the 55-XD achieves it superior strength and modest weight through a highly efficient design.
Spindle Assemblies
Wilwood spindles are designed for increased strength, minimized weight, improved handling, and increased braking capacity on component cars, street rods, drag cars and other custom / competition applications using Ford Mustang ll suspension geometry. One-piece forged steel body is lightweight, yet nearly three times stronger than cast steel original equipment or aftermarket pressed pin replacement spindles.
Flexline, Flexline Kits & Fittings
Wilwood’s stainless steel braided flexlines are manufactured to high quality standards and are available in various -3 and -4styles. These premium grade flexlines are durable and provide “hard line” pedal feel.
Wilwood has manufactured many custom brake and suspension related hardware components. If you would like additional information on OE custom hardware contact our OEM Department at (805) 384-4186 and ask to speak to one of our OEM technical representatives.
Bearings & Races
Wilwood bearings and seal kits are manufactured to the highest specifications with the strictest tolerances to insure the highest performance and long life. Contact our OEM Department at (805) 384-4186 and ask to speak to one of our OEM technical representatives for detailed information on our bearings and seal kits.