Monday, March 19, 2018

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Wilwood Disc Brakes offers a selection forward and reverse mount brake and clutch pedal assemblies engineered to provide superior brake system performance and custom appeal. Below is a list of the pedal components that can be ordered with your brake kits. If you want additional information, or would like to place an order contact our technical experts at (805) 388-1188.

Pedals - Floor Mount Brake Pedal

Floor Mount Brake Pedal
   Pedal Type: Floor Mount Brake Pedal    Mount Location: Floor    Mount Facing: Forward    Balance Bar: Yes    Material: Aluminum
Floor Mount Brake Pedal

Floor Mount Brake Pedal
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Floor Mount Brake Pedal Drawing

Floor Mount Brake Pedal Drawing
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Floor Mount Brake Pedal Description

This floor mount pedal assembly mounts two single outlet brake master cylinders in a forward position outside the firewall. It features a lightweight aluminum frame, with a high strength reinforced I-Beam style forged 6:1 ratio pedal arm. The non-skid waffled pedal pad can be laterally adjusted for driver preference or clearance as necessary. The balance bar incorporates a positive detent stop every full turn to maintain adjustment position and driver awareness. A pin and clevis pushrod attachment system provides highest possible degree of misalignment angle for bind free operation through the entire range of travel. The balance bar can be locked in place with the included jam nut, or used with an optional remote cable for quick on-track adjustments. This pedal accepts any Wilwood vertical mount flange single outlet master cylinders that are ordered separately by style and bore size.

Notes & Cautions:
Replaces cast aluminum arm pedal 340-1285

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   Ordering Information for Floor Mount Brake Pedal
General Information Pedal Ratio Pedal Length Ordering Information
  Info Finish Pedal 1 Ratio Pedal 2 Ratio Pedal 1 Length Pedal 2 Length Mount Length Price: Part Number: Purchase Information:
Black E-coat 6.0 to 1 9.6 $140.36
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