Friday, April 20, 2018
Pedal No: 340-12044

Pedal Accessories

Pedal Kit,Forged Reverse Mount
Wilwood Pedal Accessories

Wilwood Pedal Accessories
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Wilwood’s new Adjustable Reverse Mount Pedal Replacement Kit includes the brake and clutch pedals together, with the appropriate hardware to retrofit earlier design cast pedal assemblies. Pedals feature an all aluminum frame and forged aluminum pedal arms with ladder style construction. Pedal pads are of special adjustable design that allows fine-tuning of the pedal location and clearance. 340-12044 pedal kit will convert the reverse pedal assembliy 340-3342.  

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Product Number: 340-12044     Price: $119.93
Pedal Accessories - Product Summary
Pedal Type
Type: Material: Finish:
Pedal Accessories Aluminum Black E-coat
Pedal Description
Mount Loc: Mount Facing: Balance Bar: Mount Length (in):
Swing Reverse
Ratio / Length
Pedal 1 Ratio: Pedal 2 Ratio: Pedal 1 Length (in): Pedal 2 Length (in):
Desc 1: Desc 2:
Cautionary Info
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Pedal Dimensions

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Additional Pedal Dimensions
Mount Length (in):
Pedal 1 Length (in):
Pedal 2 Length (in):
Additional Notes: