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Altered Roadster
Altered Roadster

Automobile acceleration races probably started in the Model T days; a time when mechanics were discovering ways of increasing horsepower so they could have the fastest car in town. The idea of automotive racing became more popular during and after World War II.

Drag racers found that the lighter the car, the better the power-to-weight ratio became, making the car faster. While racers did everything they could to make their cars lighter, the speed parts industry began to build parts that enhanced performance.


Many of today’s cars have incredible acceleration, but that’s not the only essential in drag racing; after tripping the lights at the finish line that vehicle has to slow down in a short period of time. Knowing that the power-to-weight ratio is important in drag racing, Wilwood engineers have developed extremely lightweight brake kits for a wide variety of vehicles from dragsters to door slammers.

The Dynalite Single Floater Front Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-3326, was developed for use on lightweight cars using spindle mount brakes on P&S/Anglia-style spindles. The DLSF calipers and lightweight steel rotors provide excellent static holding power for use as a staging lane brake or as a supplementary brake on vehicles using parachutes and rear brakes to provide the majority of the stopping power. This caliper is available in black and the 10.00-inch rotor comes in two styles, solid or drilled, for weight savings. Another more popular application is the Dynapro Single Front Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-1016, featuring a Dynapro caliper and a hub mounted rotor. The hubs are designed to fit the common front spindles and aftermarket struts used on four-wheel disc brake cars that weigh less than 2,400 pounds. The fixed mount two-piston design attaches directly to

the spindle with a bolt-on bracket. The forged billet, five-lug-hub assembly with a direct bolt-on steel, 10.00-inch rotor, combines to provide consistent braking with an average weight savings of 35 pounds over stock drum or disc brakes. Many of the larger drag cars need the Forged Dynalite Front Drag Kit, part number 140-1017. This kit features forged Dynalite calipers in a black, red or polished finish. The brakes are available for all of the popular muscle car spindles and select aftermarket struts used on four-wheel disc cars weighing up to 2,800 pounds or rear drum brake cars weighing up to 2,400 pounds. This brake fits most ‘60s and early ‘70s Fords, General Motors and Chrysler cars. Some of the newer cars that have hub assemblies can be equipped with the Dynapro Radial Front Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-10015, that features a black Dynapro caliper. This brake is available with a solid steel rotor or a vented rotor that should be used on cars weighing 2,800 pounds or more and is designed for use on several new Ford applications.

Wilwood also offers several lightweight rear brake applications for drag racing. The application that covers the largest number of cars is the Forged Dynalite Rear Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-0261. This kit is a direct bolt-on application for all popular muscle cars and cars built with aftermarket rear differentials. It’s designed for sportsman category door slammers and others with full functional four-wheel disc brakes. This kit securely mounts the Dynalite caliper directly over the 3/8-inch plate steel rotors. The calipers are available in a black or polished finish. This kit fits a wide variety of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler differentials. Another popular rear drag brake kit is the Forged Dynalite Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-7667, that features a black Dynalite caliper. The kit features dynamic rotor mounting that is beneficial to cars that rely heavily on the rear brakes for stopping power and any other high-speed heavy weight car that generates above average rear brake heat. Dynamic mounting uses floating T-nuts to isolate the different thermal expansion rates between the steel rotor plate and the aluminum rotor hat. This reduces any tendency for the rotor to distort and impose any additional stress to the hat. This kit is widely used on Mark Williams, Big Ford and Olds/Pontiac

Ranchero ‘Door Slammer’
Ranchero ‘Door Slammer’

rear differentials. If safety is a big concern, the Forged Dynalite Dual Dynamic Rear Drag Brake Kit, part number 140-5367, can be used. The dual caliper design provides the highest available degree of safety and reliability and unsurpassed stopping power for Sportsman category dragsters and vehicles that rely on rear brakes for stopping power.

All kits are designed to be very light and extremely effective in slowing your drag car down. If you didn’t find what you were looking for or if you have questions, please contact Wilwood’s tech line for assistance at (805) 388-1188 or email Sales/Tech Support.

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