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Pro-Street Hat - Standard
Rotor Bolt Circle: 8 x 7.62
Hat Offset: 2.000
Wheel Stud Circle(s): 5 Holes  on 4.500  ;  4.750  ;  5.000
Type: Pro-Street Hat - Standard
Mount Type: Fixed Mount
Material: Aluminum
Pro-Street Hat - Standard

Pro-Street Hat - Standard Drawing Pro-Street Hat - Standard Drawing Zoom Image

Pro-Street Hat - Standard Description

Wilwood's Pro Street Series Fixed Mount Rotor Hats have a long standing reputation for fit, performance, and durability. HD Series hats are manufactured from premium grade aluminum alloys offering high strength, low weight, and show quality appeal. HD hats have not only been a mainstay in many of Wilwood's racing disc brake conversion kits, but they can cover a range of applications from an OE four lug axle shaft to a Grand-National stock car racing hub. Pro Street hats feature a straight bell construction with a flanged rotor mount ring, with through holes for use with threaded-hole, 8 x 7.62 mount rotors. These features combine to provide maximum radial clearance between the caliper body and the hat. This can be a critical factor when trying to squeeze a large caliper inside a small wheel. Many hats offer multi-lug wheel patterns for added versatility. Some hats can be ordered blank for custom axle building and other unique applications.
3.06 " diameter register with counterbore for register ring.
Ordering Information for Pro-Street Hat - Standard
Item No 170-1827
Info Details
Center Reg Dia 3.06
Whl Stud Cir Dia/Stud Dia 4.500 / 0.520 
I.D. Clear(in) 6.50
Shoe I.D.
Face Thick 0.25
Price $114.09
Call (805) 388-1188

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