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W6A Radial Mount

The W6A forged six piston caliper delivers heavy duty stopping power for the road or track. The caliper incorporates race technology into a body design with widespread adaptability. Radial mounting, two options for piston volume, and a redisigned rotor diameter range from 12.19" to 15.00" give this caliper the versatility necessary to suit all types of heavy weight braking requirements.

Ordering Information for W6A Radial Mount
Call (805) 388-1188
Call (805) 388-1188

W6A Radial Mount-Quick-Silver

Quick-Silver series W6AR nickel plated forged billet six piston calipers deliver heavy duty stopping power and reliability for the road or track. W6AR calipers incorporate race technology into a radial mount body design with widespread adaptability and an expanded rotor compatibility range from 12.19” to 15.00”, including update options for all W6AR Big Brake kits. Stainless steel pistons, high-temp seals, SRS bridge plates, and two-piece bleed screw assemblies are standard in all calipers. Two high performance street, and four high-temp race only brake pad compounds in the 6617 pad type, allow precise tuning of the brake response, friction requirements and temperature range for all types of high performance and competition applications.

Ordering Information for W6A Radial Mount-Quick-Silver
Call (805) 388-1188

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