Friday, April 20, 2018
Bearing No: 370-0314

Bearings - Each

Wide 5 Inner Race
Wilwood Bearing - Race (Cup)

Wilwood Bearing - Race (Cup)
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Wilwood bearings are manufactured to the highest specifications. With the strictest tolerances to insure the highest performance and long life. Individual race (cup) and Bearing (cone) bearings are available for purchase separately.   

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Product Number: 370-0314     Price: $7.43
Product Summary
Bearing Description
Type: Material: Finish: Weight (oz):
Bearing - Race (Cup) Steel Bare 0.1
Bearing Set
Set 1: Set 2: Set 1 ID: Set 2 ID:
Thread Size
Thread Size:
Desc 1: Desc 2:
Cautionary Info
Do not mix cup and cone bearings between bearing sets, as bearing diameter, roller angle or width my be incompatible with cup (race).
Product Documents
Product Data Sheet
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Bearing Dimensions
Wide 5 Inner Race Drawing

Wide 5 Inner Race Drawing
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Additional Bearing Dimensions
Cup Outside Dia. (in): 3.346
Cone Inside Dia. (in):
Outside Dia. (in):
Inside Dia. (in):
Width (in):
Additional Notes: