Saturday, March 17, 2018
Bearing No: 370-10763

Locknut - Kit

Locknut Kit for CCP Drop Spindles
Wilwood Locknut - Kit

Wilwood Locknut - Kit
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Lock nut kit for Wilwood's C10 truck drop spindle kits. Can also be used with popular Pinto / Mustang II and Granada spindle pins. Contains: Cap, Spindle nut, lock assembly, washer and cotter pin.  

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Product Number: 370-10763     Price: $18.75
Product Summary
Bearing Description
Type: Material: Finish: Weight (oz):
Locknut - Kit Steel Plated 0.5
Bearing Set
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Thread Size
Thread Size:
Desc 1: Desc 2:
Cautionary Info
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Bearing Dimensions
Locknut Kit for CCP Drop Spindles Drawing

Locknut Kit for CCP Drop Spindles Drawing
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Additional Bearing Dimensions
Cup Outside Dia. (in):
Cone Inside Dia. (in):
Outside Dia. (in):
Inside Dia. (in):
Width (in):
Additional Notes: