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   Piston: 4    Piston Area: 4.80    Pad Volume: 2.1    Mount Description: 5.25" Lug Mount    Rotor Width: 0.38 Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet
  PISTONS: Type:  Stainless  Piston 1 Dia.  1.75  Piston 2 Dia.  1.75  Piston 3 Dia.  -  Piston 4 Dia.  -   MATERIAL: Aluminum   FIT: Max Rotor Dia.  13.06
Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet Caliper

Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet Caliper
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Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet Caliper Drawing

Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet Caliper Drawing
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Brake Pad Plate # 7812

Brake Pad Plate # 7812

Billet Dynalite - Side Inlet Description

The Billet Dynalite caliper is powerful, compact and super lightweight. Advanced computer engineering keeps this caliper extremely rigid, resulting in incredible brake torque at a bare minimum in weight, starting at 2.66 pounds. Internal fluid crossover eliminates external tubes and the four position, two-piece bleed screws allow for convenient mounting and easy bleeding. The Billet Dynalite uses standard quick change Dynalite pads, deep cup stainless steel pistons and high temperature seals, and has a black anodized finish. The time proven Dynalite caliper design is stronger and lighter than ever - ideal for Late Models, Modifieds, Sprints, Road Racers and Dragsters.


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Black Anodize
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