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Dynalite Single III Calipers

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   Piston: 2    Piston Area: 2.40    Pad Volume: 1.1    Mount Description: 3.75" Lug Mount    Rotor Width: 0.25 Dynalite Single IIIA
  PISTONS: Type:  Stainless  Piston 1 Dia.  1.75  Piston 2 Dia.  -  Piston 3 Dia.  -  Piston 4 Dia.  -   MATERIAL: Aluminum   FIT: Max Rotor Dia.  13
Dynalite Single IIIA Caliper

Dynalite Single IIIA Caliper
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Dynalite Single IIIA Caliper Drawing

Dynalite Single IIIA Caliper Drawing
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Brake Pad Plate # 6812

Brake Pad Plate # 6812

Dynalite Single IIIA Description

Wilwood’s Dynalite Single IIIA utilizes a cost effective permanent mold casting with advanced design and manufacturing techniques which results in the most rigid, lightweight and attractive caliper in the evolution of the Dynalite Single Series. Starting at 1.8 pounds, the Billet Dynalite Single is perfect for compact high performance braking as required in many OEM applications like snowmobile & motorcycle.


6812 7012 N-A
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