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GP200 Caliper Calipers

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   Piston: 2    Piston Area: 1.23    Pad Volume: 0.34    Mount Description: 2.38" Lug Mount    Rotor Width: 0.25 GP200 Caliper
  PISTONS: Type:  Stainless  Piston 1 Dia.  1.25  Piston 2 Dia.  -  Piston 3 Dia.  -  Piston 4 Dia.  -   MATERIAL: Aluminum   FIT: Max Rotor Dia.  11
GP200 Caliper Caliper

GP200 Caliper Caliper
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GP200 Caliper Caliper Drawing

GP200 Caliper Caliper Drawing
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Brake Pad Plate # 4908

Brake Pad Plate # 4908

GP200 Caliper Description

The GP 200 billet caliper represents the newest lightweight (only .90 pounds) caliper specifically designed for tight fit applications while utilizing a standard 2.38” lug mount. The GP 200 combines superior strength with a black anodized finish along with several new performance features. The strength of the GP 200 is a combination of process and design. GP 200 calipers are fully CNC machined from premium grade alloy billet. The FEA generated body design incorporates a highly fortified transition between the piston housings and the bridges. Strengthening this critical area of the caliper has substantially increased its resistance to deflection and body separation under load.


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