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Mech Spot Caliper – Part No: 120-2280
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Mech Spot Caliper Product Number: 120-2280     Price: $122.94
Available Caliper #120-2280 Configurations

Black Caliper

Right Hand

Black Caliper

Left Hand

Caliper No: 120-2280
Wilwood Mech Spot Caliper Caliper

Wilwood Mech Spot Caliper Caliper
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Mech Spot Caliper
Wilwood's single piston floating Mechanical Spot Caliper is compact,lightweight and widely used in Parking Brake, Karting, Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Industrial applications. Its two position, cam-actuated lever permits right or left, front or rear mounting, and accommodates two settings for leverage adjustment.The 1.2 pound Mechanical Spot fits rotors with diameters from 6.00” to 13.00”, thickness from .25” to .81", and is supplied with pads installed. The caliper is available black or polished finishes  

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120-2280 - Product Summary
Count: Area (in²): Type: Dust Boot:
0 0.00 N/A No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(In): Rotor Diameter(In):
0.81 13
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²): Pad Volume (in³):
0.9 0.31
Mount Center(In): Mount Position: Mount Side: Mount Type:
2.95 Right Hand Floating
Duty Rating & Material
Material: Weight(Lbs):
Aluminum 1.7
Colors & Finishes
Color: Finish:
Black Black E-Coat
Product Documents
Full Product Product Data Sheet Installation Instructions
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Vehicle Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Rods  Light Duty
Kart Light Duty
Power Sports ATV, SnowmobileLight Duty
Industrial Light Duty

Product Specifications
Rotor Compatibility
Rotor Width(In): 0.81
Maximum Rotor Width(In): 0.81
Minimum Rotor Width(In): 0.75
Maximum Rotor Diameter(In): 13
Minimum Rotor Diameter(In): 6
Brake Pad Specifications
Brake Pad Type 1: 4209
Brake Pad Type 2: N-A
Brake Pad Type 3: N-A
Total Pad Area (in²): 0.9
Total Pad Volume (in³): 0.31
Pad Dimensions & Part Numbers
Pad Dimensions for the Mech Spot Caliper

Pad Dimensions for the Mech Spot Caliper
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Piston Specifications
Piston 1 Bore(In):
Piston 2 Bore(In):
Piston 3 Bore(In):
Total Piston Area (in²): 0.00
Mounting Specifications
Mount Type: Floating
Mount Side: Right Hand
Mount Center(In): 2.95
Mount Hole Size(In):
Mount Height(In):
Inlet Thread Size: N-A
Mount Dimensions & Part Numbers
Dimensions for the Mech Spot Caliper

Dimensions for the Mech Spot Caliper
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Parts & Accessories
O-Ring Kit: N-A
Replacement Dust Boot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: N-A
Replacement Piston 2: N-A
Replacement Piston 3: N-A
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
Cross-Over O-Ring Kit: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: N-A
Wear Plate L/H: N-A
Wear Plate R/H: N-A
Pad Retainer: N-A
Bleed Screw Kit: N-A
Self Bleeder Tube: N-A
Cross-Over Tube: N-A