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Grand National Caliper – Part No: 120-6479-RS
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Grand National III Product Number: 120-6479-RS     Price: $385.50

Caliper No: 120-6479-RS
Wilwood Grand National III Caliper

Wilwood Grand National III Caliper
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Grand National III
Wilwood’s GN lll is a time proven caliper that has been widely used with 5 on 5 hubs for stock car, road course, and off-road competition. The 3.50" mount configuration (also available in 6.00” mount) incorporates this legacy of enduring performance, with options available for the latest brake system heat management technology.  

3.50" mount with taller height for 12.19" rotors. The new generation GN lll uses the same popular 3.50" mounting pattern found on the Superlite caliper series, but are built with a taller mounting height. This feature accommodates the installation of 12.19" diameter rotors on the same spindle brackets used with a Superlite caliper and 11.75" diameter rotor. The GN lll can be run with either a 1.25" or 1.38" thick rotor. This makes it possible to run three different bolt-on brake setups, without the need for bracket changes on the spindle.   Continue >>

120-6479-RS - Product Summary
Count: Area (in²): Type: Dust Boot:
6 5.40 Stainless No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(In): Rotor Diameter(In):
1.38 13.06
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²): Pad Volume (in³):
11.1 6.9
Mount Center(In): Mount Position: Mount Side: Mount Type:
3.5 Rear Mount Left Hand Lug
Duty Rating & Material
Material: Weight(Lbs):
Aluminum 7.1
Colors & Finishes
Color: Finish:
Black Black Anodize
Product Documents
Full Product Product Data Sheet Installation Instructions
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Vehicle Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Performance DomesticHeavy Duty
Street Performance ImportHeavy Duty
Rally Heavy Duty
Road Race Heavy Duty
Late Model Asphalt ASA, All Pro, SW Tour, etc...Heavy Duty
Stock Cars NASCAR, BGN, CTS, ARCA, etc... Heavy Duty
Off Road Heavy Duty
Industrial Heavy Duty

Product Specifications
Rotor Compatibility
Rotor Width(In): 1.38
Maximum Rotor Width(In): 1.38
Minimum Rotor Width(In): 1.25
Maximum Rotor Diameter(In): 13.06
Minimum Rotor Diameter(In): 12.19
Brake Pad Specifications
Brake Pad Type 1: 7520
Brake Pad Type 2: N-A
Brake Pad Type 3: N-A
Total Pad Area (in²): 11.1
Total Pad Volume (in³): 6.9
Pad Dimensions & Part Numbers
Pad Dimensions for the Grand National III

Pad Dimensions for the Grand National III
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Piston Specifications
Piston 1 Bore(In): 1.75
Piston 2 Bore(In): 1.38
Piston 3 Bore(In): 1.38
Total Piston Area (in²): 5.40
Mounting Specifications
Mount Type: Lug
Mount Side: Left Hand
Mount Center(In): 3.5
Mount Hole Size(In): 0.45
Mount Height(In): 3.07
Inlet Thread Size: 1/8-27 NPT
Mount Dimensions & Part Numbers
Dimensions for the Grand National III

Dimensions for the Grand National III
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Parts & Accessories
O-Ring Kit: 130-3084
Replacement Dust Boot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-7531
Replacement Piston 2: 200-7516
Replacement Piston 3: 200-7516
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
Cross-Over O-Ring Kit: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: 230-12241
Wear Plate L/H: 300-3053
Wear Plate R/H: 300-3053
Pad Retainer: 180-0053
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-0627
Self Bleeder Tube: 190-3615
Cross-Over Tube: 190-3664