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TC6 Caliper – Part No: 120-8907-FSR
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TC6 Radial Mount Product Number: 120-8907-FSR     Price: $569.93

Caliper No: 120-8907-FSR
Wilwood TC6 Radial Mount Caliper

Wilwood TC6 Radial Mount Caliper
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TC6 Radial Mount
The TC 6R Radial Mount Caliper represents a complete new generation of refinement in Big Brake Technology from Wilwood. Six stainless pistons captured within a massive high strength forged aluminum body generate the stopping power and durability to stylishly handle the heavy loads of custom late model trucks and sport utility vehicles.   

TC 6R calipers are stress flow forged from premium grade, billet aluminum alloy blanks. FEA structural analysis technology was employed to develop a design that minimizes weight, and maximizes rigidity against deflection. The expanded bridge radius easily accommodates 1.38" thick rotors up to a full 16 inches in diameter. The bodies are joined and reinforced through the bridge with six high strength coated steel alloy bolts. Cross bridge bolts add strength against deflection and body separation at high pressures and heavy loads. Steel insert plates protect the bridges against wear and gouging from the load bearing edges of the brake pads.    Continue >>

120-8907-FSR - Product Summary
Count: Area (in²): Type: Dust Boot:
6 5.40 Stainless No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(In): Rotor Diameter(In):
1.38 16
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²): Pad Volume (in³):
13 6
Mount Center(In): Mount Position: Mount Side: Mount Type:
8.27 Front Mount Right Hand Radial
Duty Rating & Material
Material: Weight(Lbs):
Aluminum 9.2
Colors & Finishes
Color: Finish:
Red Red Powder Coat
Product Documents
Full Product Product Data Sheet Installation Instructions
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Vehicle Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Rods  Heavy Duty
Street Performance DomesticHeavy Duty
Off Road Heavy Duty

Product Specifications
Rotor Compatibility
Rotor Width(In): 1.38
Maximum Rotor Width(In): 1.38
Minimum Rotor Width(In): 1.32
Maximum Rotor Diameter(In): 16
Minimum Rotor Diameter(In): 14
Brake Pad Specifications
Brake Pad Type 1: 6318
Brake Pad Type 2: N-A
Brake Pad Type 3: N-A
Total Pad Area (in²): 13
Total Pad Volume (in³): 6
Pad Dimensions & Part Numbers
Pad Dimensions for the TC6 Radial Mount

Pad Dimensions for the TC6 Radial Mount
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Piston Specifications
Piston 1 Bore(In): 1.75
Piston 2 Bore(In): 1.38
Piston 3 Bore(In): 1.38
Total Piston Area (in²): 5.40
Mounting Specifications
Mount Type: Radial
Mount Side: Right Hand
Mount Center(In): 8.27
Mount Hole Size(In): 0.45
Mount Height(In): 2.56
Inlet Thread Size: 1/8-27 NPT
Mount Dimensions & Part Numbers
Dimensions for the TC6 Radial Mount

Dimensions for the TC6 Radial Mount
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Parts & Accessories
O-Ring Kit: 130-3084
Replacement Dust Boot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-7528
Replacement Piston 2: 200-7518
Replacement Piston 3: 200-7518
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
Cross-Over O-Ring Kit: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: 230-9171
Wear Plate L/H: 300-8894
Wear Plate R/H: 300-8893
Pad Retainer: N-A
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-6069
Self Bleeder Tube: N-A
Cross-Over Tube: 190-9172