Friday, March 23, 2018
Details for Caliper No.: 120-2373

Mech Spot Caliper

Wilwood Mech Spot Caliper Caliper

Wilwood Mech Spot Caliper Caliper
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Product Number: 120-2373     Price: $122.94
Mech Spot Caliper - Product Details

Wilwood's single piston floating Mechanical Spot Caliper is compact,lightweight and widely used in Parking Brake, Karting, Sport Utility Vehicles and Light Industrial applications. Its two position, cam-actuated lever permits right or left, front or rear mounting, and accommodates two settings for leverage adjustment.The 1.2 pound Mechanical Spot fits rotors with diameters from 6.00” to 13.00”, thickness from .25” to .81", and is supplied with pads installed. The caliper is available black or polished finishes