Saturday, April 21, 2018
Details for Caliper No.: 120-7740-RD

Motorcycle Caliper

Wilwood GP310 Motorcycle Rear Caliper

Wilwood GP310 Motorcycle Rear Caliper
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Product Number: 120-7740-RD     Price: $284.47
GP310 Motorcycle Rear - Product Details

Wilwood's GP310 Rear motorcycle disc brake caliper has been designed and engineered for use on 1984 - present Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles. Built around a 4-piston, high performance powerhouse, this billet aluminum caliper brings distinctive, bolt-on styling: Bracket-mounted calipers with a standard 3.50" mount spacing are available for all most models (except Springer and 4-speed FL models).

Rear calipers and brackets are available for all Softail®, Dyna, and touring models, utilizing unique bracket designs that combine the right elements of strength and style.  

The GP310 caliper is available in polished, brilliant chrome or red finishes, with the added performance characteristics found in Wilwood's racing calipers: stainless steel pistons to reduce brake fade while resisting corrosion and high temperature piston seals for extended life, controlled retraction and drag free operation. Additional features include bright-finish bleed screws and hardware, exclusive pad anti-rattle clip, and brake pads designed to operate in the widest range of temperatures and environments, utilizing our industry leading stainless steel rotor compatible formulation.