Saturday, April 21, 2018
Details for Hub No: 270-6735D

Wilwood Wide 5 - Starlite 55

Wilwood Wide 5 - Starlite 55
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Product Number: 270-6735D     Price: $142.43
Wide 5 - Starlite 55 - Product Details
Starlite "55" hubs provide the superior strength of permanent mold, high-density aircraft aluminum at weights comparable to the much higher priced magnesium hub assemblies. The Starlite "55" features the strength of our traditional Starlite hub, but redesigned to eliminate unnecessary weight in the hub and its related components. 5 bolt Drive flanges and snap-cap front hubs pare the 'loaded' weight of these hubs to being the lightest available.

Rear hubs have been reconfigured to include five bolt drive flanges and weigh in at less than 7 pounds with bearing races and studs installed. When combined with the additional weight savings of the five bolt drive flange and bolt kit, the assembled hub meets or beats the assembled weight of nearly every eight bolt magnesium hub assembly available.