Thursday, April 19, 2018

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Wilwood Disc Brakes offers a selection forward and reverse mount brake and clutch pedal assemblies engineered to provide superior brake system performance and custom appeal. Below is a list of the pedal components that can be ordered with your brake kits. If you want additional information, or would like to place an order contact our technical experts at (805) 388-1188.

Pedals - Remote Bias Adjuster

Remote Bias Adjuster
   Pedal Type: Remote Bias Adjuster    Mount Location:     Mount Facing:     Balance Bar:     Material: Plastic / Steel
Remote Bias Adjuster

Remote Bias Adjuster
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Remote Bias Adjuster Drawing

Remote Bias Adjuster Drawing
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Remote Bias Adjuster Description

Wilwood’s Remote Balance Bar Cable Adjuster is used with balance bars to adjust front-to-rear brake bias during changing race conditions. The highly visible bright blue knob features a special bi-directional detente control providing the driver with positive adjustment feedback. The special five foot cable and housing (which can be cut to any length for a custom fit) provides an optimum bending radius for easy installation and smooth performance in tight confines. The assembly comes with two label faces for either front-to-rear or rear-to-front adjustment. Standard 3/8-24 thread fits Wilwood and most commonly used balance bars.

Notes & Cautions:
Remote adjuster for Wilwood and other pedals w/ balance bars with 3/8-24 threads.

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   Ordering Information for Remote Bias Adjuster
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Blue / Black $51.30
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