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GT Rotors – Part No: 160-6833
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GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Product Number: 160-6833     Price: $199.14

Rotor No: 160-6833
Wilwood GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor

Wilwood GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor
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GT-48 curved vane rotors are built for the extreme conditions of professional motorsports. The superior heat absorption and dissipation characteristics of these heavy wall directional vane rotors are ...   Continue >>

Performance Characteristics
  • Heavy Duty 48 Vane Iron castings.
  • Use substitute part number: 160-12961
GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor - Product Summary
Rotor Dimensions
Width (in): Diameter (in): Mount Side:
1.1 12.88 R/H
Rotor Design
Material:: Vane Count: Weight(Lbs):
Iron 48 CV 12.3
Rotor Style & Finish
Type: GT
Style: GT Slotted
Surface Finish: Plain
Rotor Upgrades
Bedded: Balanced:
No Yes
Rotor Dimensions Diagram    
GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Dimension Diagram

GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor Dimension Diagram
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Rotor Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Rods  Heavy Duty
Street Performance DomesticHeavy Duty
Street Performance ImportHeavy Duty
Rally Heavy Duty
Road Race Heavy Duty
Late Model Asphalt ASA, All Pro, SW Tour, etc...Heavy Duty
Stock Cars NASCAR, BGN, CTS, ARCA, etc... Heavy Duty
Off Road Heavy Duty
Industrial Heavy Duty

Additional Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Bolt Circle (in): 12 x 8.75
Rotor Mount Hole Size (in): 0.251
Lug ID / Registration (in): 8.25
Far Side Inside Diameter (in): 9.46
Offset Dimension (in):
Shoe Inside Dimension (in):
Clearance Inside Diameter (in)
Wheel Bolt Circle (in):
Stud Diameter (in):
Face Thickness (in)