Saturday, February 24, 2018
Details for Rotor No: 160-11217

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Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor
Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor

Wilwood Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor
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Product Number: 160-11217     Price: $215.94
Super Alloy Scalloped Rotor - Product Details

Super Alloy Steel 10.50” x .810” Vented Rotors are one of Sprint racing's lightest .810" rotor at a weight of only 3.20 pounds. Wilwood’s proprietary Super Alloy Steel greatly enhances the durability and lifespan of this rotor over comparable lightweight steel or iron rotors. A Drilled, slotted, and scalloped design with 24 cooling vanes provides excellent high temperature stability, rapid heat dissipation, and consistent performance from the brake pads.

The fine micro-finish surface beds quickly with new pads. It provides a cost effective, lightweight solution with quick response, long service life from the pads, and consistent braking at all temperatures.. Lowered rotating weight promotes quick acceleration, deceleration, and improved handling.