Sunday, April 22, 2018
Details for Rotor No: 160-3582

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GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor
Wilwood GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor

Wilwood GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor
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Product Number: 160-3582     Price: $224.93
GT 48 Curved Vane Rotor - Product Details

Wilwood's GT 48 Curved Vane Spec-37 rotors are manufactured from a proprietary iron alloy developed to withstand extreme temperatures with the highest possible degree of resistance against distortion, warping, cracking, and wear. The formulation for this alloy is a derivative of technology and materials that were significant in the development of the extreme duty military spec rotors that are manufactured by Wilwood. Combined with our proven GT Series asymmetrical face slot pattern and individual dynamic balancing, you are assured the smoothest, vibration free performance at any speed. These rotors provide the highest cooling capacity and longest service life for extreme braking short tracks and road course competition.