Sunday, April 22, 2018
Details for Rotor No: 160-8427

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Ultralite 30 Vane Scalloped Rotor
Wilwood Ultralite 30 Vane Scalloped Rotor

Wilwood Ultralite 30 Vane Scalloped Rotor
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Product Number: 160-8427     Price: $104.93
Ultralite 30 Vane Scalloped Rotor - Product Details

When it comes to rotors, racers are constantly searching for the ultimate balance between the lowest weight and the ability to effectively manage heat. Decreased rotating weight in the drive line provides quicker deceleration under braking and quicker acceleration out of the corners. Lower weight also benefits handling with improved spring and shock control over the unsprung suspension mass. Wilwood's ULS-32 scalloped iron rotors provides effective lightweight options for sprints, late models, modifieds, and other competition applications that race in low to medium temperature ranges.

ULS-32 Series Scalloped Rotors feature a fully machined scallop configuration that provides the highest degree of weight reduction on a vented straight vane iron rotor. Scallop machining will remove as much as three pounds, or nearly 33% of the rotor mass. The vented castings provide increased cooling capacity over machined steel plate rotors, with improved structural durability over drilled rotor designs.