Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Details for Rotor No: 160-9773

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Drilled Steel Scalloped Rotor
Wilwood Drilled Steel Scalloped Rotor

Wilwood Drilled Steel Scalloped Rotor
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Product Number: 160-9773     Price: $89.99
Drilled Steel Scalloped Rotor - Product Details

Steel rotors have applications in all types of motorsports. Steel rotors provide a durable lightweight option in applications where sustained temperatures remain in the low to moderate range, and high heat spikes are only observed on an intermittent basis. This could be anything from a hard stopping drag race car at the end of a quarter mile, or a high speed stock car coming in from a qualifier at a super speedway. Steel rotors can also be found in lighter weight open wheel cars such as sprints and modifieds, and a variety of light weight, open wheel road course racers. A special alloy and proprietary manufacturing processes give these rotors high resistance to thermal distortion with excellent friction and wear characteristics against the pads.