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Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race)
Pistons: 4
Rotor Diameter: 11.00
Caliper Mount: Lug
Min. Wheel Diameter: 15

Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race) Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race) Zoom Image

Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race) Parts Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race) Parts Zoom Image

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Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race) Description

This kit is configured for dedicated road racing on the various Honda Civics, CRX’s and Del Sols that are equipped with the small bearing hubs and OE spindles that originally used the 240mm / 9.45” diameter rotors. It requires 15” wheels designed with additional inside clearance to accommodate the larger than stock brake package. The four piston FDL/ST calipers used in this kit feature a forged aluminum body with a Type III Mil-Spec hard anodized, medium gray color finish. Hard anodizing provides superior wear resistance in the piston bores, and high resistance to abrasion and corrosion throughout. Thermlock® pistons are used to reduce heat transfer from the pads to increase fade resistance, and to extend service life by decreasing temperatures in the caliper body, fluid, and seals. Internal damper springs and controlled retraction, high-temperature piston seals assure consistent pedal height from start to finish. Caliper piston volumes are sized for compatibility with OE power brake boosters equipped with the larger 15/16” to 1.00” bore master cylinders, and are easily configured with manual brake conversions and balance bar pedals using appropriately sized master cylinders. Spec37 alloy, GT competition series 11.00” diameter 72 vane rotors are mounted to the OE hubs with weight saving forged aluminum hats. Unsprung and rotating weight are minimized while providing high cooling efficiency and rugged durability with thermal stability in sustained high heat competition. Mounting brackets, including all premium grade fasteners, secure the calipers in the stock location, with minor modifications to the caliper mount lugs on the spindles as detailed in figure 2 on page 3 of the installation guide. This race winning system is completed with high temperature, high friction, endurance compound race pads selected specifically by application. Stainless steel braided flexlines are included in each kit to complete the installation.
Note 1. Road Race kits contain high temperature racing pads. Extended low temperature use will cause premature rotor and pad wear. Note 2. This Brake Kit requires 15-inch wheels with additional inside clearance to accommodate the larger than stock brake package. Please refer to the wheel clearance diagram for requirements. Note 3. This kit requires spindles from vehicles originally equipped with 240mm (9.45") diameter rotors.
This kit fits the following vehicles:
Honda Civic 1988 Honda Civic 1988-1991 Honda Civic 1989-1991 Honda Civic 1992-1993 Honda Civic 1992-1995 Honda Civic 1993-1995 Honda Civic 1994 Honda Civic 1994-1995 Honda Civic 1995 Honda Civic 1996 Honda Civic 1996-1998 Honda Civic 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1997 Honda Civic 1998-1999 Honda Civic 1999-2000 Honda Civic del Sol 1993 Honda Civic del Sol 1993-1997 Honda Civic del Sol 1995-1997 Honda CRX 1988-1989 Honda CRX 1988-1991 Honda CRX 1990-1991
Ordering Information for Forged Dynalite Big Brake Front Brake Kit (Race)
Item No 140-14304
Info Details
Caliper Color Type III Anodize
Rotor Slotted
Line Kit 220-6419 *
Price $1,443.47
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