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Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race)
Pistons: 4
Rotor Diameter: 14.00
Caliper Mount: Radial
Min. Wheel Diameter: 18
Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race)

Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race) Parts Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race) Parts Zoom Image

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Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race) Description

This kit is configured for dedicated road racing on all base, Eco-Boost and standard production GT model 2015-2018 Mustangs. It is the engineered match for the AERO6R/ST front race kits.All emphasis is on matched front to rear balance, high durability, and high efficiency heat management, without adding unnecessary rotating or unsprung weight to the driveline and rear suspension. The FNSL4R/ST calipers used in this kit feature a forged aluminum body with a Type III Mil-Spec, medium gray color, hard anodized finish. Hard anodizing provides superior wear resistance in the piston bores, and high resistance to abrasion and corrosion throughout. Thermlock® pistons are used to reduce heat transfer from the pads to increase fade resistance, and extend service life by decreasing temperatures in the caliper body, fluid, and seals. Internal damper springs and controlled retraction, high-temperature piston seals assure consistent pedal height from start to finish. Caliper piston volumes are matched for full compatibility with the OE master cylinder output and ABS controls. The calipers are also fully compatible with manual brake conversions to balance bar pedals using appropriately sized master cylinders. GT competition series 36 vane 14.00” rotors are dynamically mounted to the OE hubs with weight saving forged aluminum hats. As is with the calipers, the hats are hard anodized for superior wear resistance and extended service life at the load bearing surfaces.
Note 1. Road Race kits contain high temperature racing pads. Extended low temperature use will cause premature rotor and pad wear. Note 2. Kit may fit some 18" wheels. Check wheel clearance diagram in kit installation instructions before purchase.

This kit fits the following vehicles:
Ford Mustang 2015 Ford Mustang 2015-2019 Ford Mustang 2016-2017 Ford Mustang 2019
Ordering Information for Forged Superlite 4R Big Brake Rear Brake Kit (Race)
Item No 140-14483
Info Details
Caliper Color Type III Anodize
Rotor Slotted
P-Brake Cable
Line Kit 220-13913 *
Price $2,537.82
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