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Dynapro Single Right Rear Brake Kit
Pistons: 2
Rotor Diameter: 10.20
Caliper Mount: Lug
Min. Wheel Diameter: 

Dynapro Single Right Rear Brake Kit Description

The Dynapro Single Right Rear Sprint & Midget kits are a further evolution of a proven design from Wilwood’s 35+ years of engineering and producing the best open wheel braking systems. Dynapro single calipers have full 2.40 square inches of area for increased clamping force. Right Rear Kits contain Aluminum rotors for maximizing weight saving and maximizing brake torque. Right Rear brakes can also provide ‘loading’ the rear suspension for additional handling. Kits come complete with caliper, brake pads; caliper mounting brackets, caliper mount bolt kit and rotor.

Ordering Information for Dynapro Single Right Rear Brake Kit
Item No 140-13502
Info Details
Caliper Color Type III Ano
Rotor Drilled
P-Brake Cable
Line Kit Multiple Line Kits *
Price $260.33
Call (805) 388-1188

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