Rear Brake Kit – Part No: 140-11451
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GNX4 Rear Brake Kit
Prod #: 140-11451
Price: $1,763.94

Rear Brake Kit - Rear Kit

Kit Summary
Rear End Axle: OEM
Axle Offset: 0.00
Mount Type: Lug
Caliper Type: 4 - Clear Anodize
Rotor Diameter: 12.00
Min Wheel Diameter Req'd*: 16
*This Brake Kit may fit 16-inch wheels. Please refer to the wheel clearance diagram to check to see if it will fit your specific wheel. Wheel Clearance Diagram
UPC Number
UPC 889545013597

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Applicable to Brake Pads Only

GNX4 Rear Brake Kit

The GNX4 Brake Kit is the product of Wilwood’s in-house FEA design and 3-D modeling technology. The GNX4 caliper paired with 12.00" diameter, .95" width rotors offers a durable, high torque braking solution. This is the current upgrade for AM General Military REV HUMVEE vehicles and will require modifications to vehicle platform for installation. The GNX4 caliper with its unyielding strength and superior piston design generates positive pedal response and high clamping efficiency with a substantial weight savings over original calipers. The caliper feature a natural aluminum finish protected by a durable clear coat anodizing. Forged billet aluminum bodies, stainless steel pistons, and high-temperature seals put an end to the rust, bore pitting, and seal failures that plague many OE caliper design. Stainless steel pistons delay the heat transfer from the pads while the aluminum calipers dissipate the heat quicker than the OE cast iron calipers. Cooler operating temperatures translate into longer service life, regardless of the driving environment. Note: rear kits do not come with provision for parking brake.

Fitment & Installation Details

GNX4 Rear Brake Kit Assembly Schematic

Rear End / Axle Housing Flange
Confirm The Configuration!

OEM Flange
Confirm Offset Measurement!

Search Rear Kits By Rear End/Axle Offset
caution AXLE OFFSET: 0.00
Check the diagram above and verify this measurement. This kit may be available in several different offsets.
Please call Wilwood with any questions: (805) 388-1188

Wheel Clearance Assembly Instructions


Compatible Vehicles for this Brake Kit

BRAKE KIT:   GNX4 Rear Brake Kit

This Brake Kit is Compatible with the Following Vehicle Makes:   AM General

Note: Kit may fit other vehicles, call Wilwood Sales⁄Tech Support at (805) 388-1188 for more information.

REAR END:   OEM - Rear Kit


For a Complete Listing including ALL Makes, Models and Years, Please click on the Axle Offset.

Kit Components & Specifications
Left Hand - Part No: 120-10754
Right Hand - Part No: 120-10754
Type: GNX4
Finish Color: Clear Anodize
Piston Count: 4
Piston 1 Bore (in): 1.88
Piston 2 Bore (in): 1.88
Piston Area (In²): 5.56
Piston Type: Stainless
Mount Type: Lug
Brake Pad Plate: 9115
Brake Pad Area (In²): 11.15
Brake Pad Volume (In³): 4.07
Pad Compound: SM
Left Hand - Part No: 160-9535
Right Hand - Part No: 160-9535
Type: 53 Vane
Style: Plain Face
Surface Finish: Plain
Material: Iron
Outside Diameter (in): 12.00
Width (in): 0.95
Vane Count: 56 V
Design Type: HP
Bedded: No
Dynamically Balanced: No
Rotor Hats
Hat - Part No:
Finish Color:
Hat Offset Dimension (in):
Bolt Circle 1:
Bolt Circle 2:
Bolt Circle 3:
Stud Diameter - BC 1:
Stud Diameter - BC 2:
Stud Diameter - BC 3:
Hub - Part No:
Finish Color:
Mount Style:
Bolt Circle 1:
Bolt Circle 2:
Bolt Circle 3:
Stud Diameter - BC 1:
Stud Diameter - BC 2:
Stud Diameter - BC 3:

Parts & Accessories
Caliper Parts
O-ring Kit: 130-11197
Replacement Dustboot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-9846
Replacement Piston 2: 200-9846
Replacement Piston 3: N-A
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
CrossOver O-Ring Kit: 130-10540
Crossover Tube: N-A
Self-Bleeder Tube: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: N-A
Wear Plate - Left Hand: N-A
Wear Plate - Right Hand: N-A
Pad Retainer: 180-11198
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-0627
Brake Lines
Bolt Kit:
Bolt Kit:

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