Complete Brake Conversion Kits for the Honda Civic
Civic EF
1988-1991 Civic
Civic EH (EG/JDM)
1992-1995 Civic
Civic EK3/EM1
1996-2000 Civic
Civic EM2
2001-2005 Civic
Civic FD2
2006-2011 Civic
Civic FB4
2012-2020 Civic
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The solid platform of the Honda Civic has made it a favorite car to tune and customize since its inception in 1972. The combination of affordability, economy and performance make the Civic a civil choice to enter the automotive hobby. Through the nine generations of Civic evolutions tuners have been asking more out of the chassis than could have ever been imagined. Wilwood Engineers have taken note of the extreme performance being extracted from the Civic chassis and developed a variety of performance brake systems to match a brake system the the tune like Wilwood's direct bolt on DPHA Front Calipers.

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