Pivot Pin - 330-12414

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Pivot Pin
Prod #: 330-12414
Price: $5.93

Brake Pedal Replacement Parts

Wilwood’s Clevis and Pivot Pins are engineered from high strength steel alloy and a plated finish for corrosion resistance.

Pivot Pin Description
Type Pivot Pin
Material Steel
Weight (oz)
Thread Size
Thread Size 5/16-24
Pin Size
Cap Thread
UPC Number
UPC 889545027716
Desc 2  
Cautionary Info
Cautionary Info  
Product Data Sheets
Data Sheet

Pivot Pin Dimensions

Pedal Set
Pedal Type
Pedal Direction
Pedal Ratio
Pedal Length (in)
Pivot Length (in)
P Pin Dia
C Pin Dia
B Pin Dia
Parking Brake Cable
Length (in) 1.72
Width (in) 0.5
Slot Width (in)
B Pin Dia

Additional Notes

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