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Parking Brake Hat - Standard
Prod #: 170-10961
Price: $213.68
Parking Brake Hat - Standard 170-10961
Wilwood Parking Brake Hat - Standard Hat Wilwood Parking Brake Hat - Standard Hat Zoom Image

Hat Dimensions
Mount Hole Type Threaded
Rotor Bolt Circle (in) 8 x 7.78
Hat Offset (in) 2.080
Center Reg. (in) 3.42
Hat Type
Material Iron
Mount Style Fixed Mount
Finish Black E-Coat
Weight (lbs) 5.600
Bolt Circle Dimensions
Hat Bolt Circle 1 5 X 4.72
Hat Bolt Circle 2
Hat Bolt Circle 3
UPC Number
UPC 889545041514
Application Info
Application Note Backdraft Cobra Rear
Hat Bolt Kit Part # 230-7011
Application Note
Application Note
Parking Brake Hat - Standard - Product Description

These premium grade cast iron hats make it possible to use bolt-on rotors on vehicles equipped with internal shoe parking brake assemblies. Each hat is a precision machined, threaded hole design for use in conjunction with through-hole mount rotors. After machining, the hats are electro-coated for corrosion resistance.

Rotor Hat Dimensions

Parking Brake Hat - Standard Hat Drawing Parking Brake Hat - Standard Hat Drawing Zoom Image
Additional Hat Dimensions
Rotor Mount Hole Size (in) 1/4-28
Shoe I.D. (in) 6.31
Clearance I.D. (in) 5.87
Face Thickness (in) 0.25
Hat Stud Diamenter - BC 1 (in) 0.550
Hat Stud Diamenter - BC 2 (in)
Hat Stud Diamenter - BC 3 (in)
Additional Notes

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