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GM Single Piston Caliper – Part No: 120-5343
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GM III Single Piston Floater Product Number: 120-5343     Price: $142.44

Caliper No: 120-5343
Wilwood GM III Single Piston Floater Caliper

Wilwood GM III Single Piston Floater Caliper
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GM III Single Piston Floater
Wilwood’s GMIII caliper represents the latest refinements in caliper design and manufacturing through solid modeling and stress simulation programs. The result is the most rigid, highest torque, lightweight aluminum caliper with weights starting at 3.36 pounds. Requires use of hardened Wilwood slide pins (sold separately), request part no. 230-0619 (slide pin kit) contains 4 slide pins, enough for two calipers  

The real strength comes from its exclusive triple bridge configuration which provides a tremendous increase in clamping force over other twin bridge calipers. Efficient­ designs further maximize weight savings: material is properly placed to fortify all load bearing points. Each caliper model has its own unique casting: 2.38” diameter piston calipers incorporate a smaller external contour than the larger 2.75” diameter piston calipers. Any material that did not contribute to strength, was eliminated for weight reduction.   Continue >>

120-5343 - Product Summary
Count: Area (in²): Type: Dust Boot:
1 4.45 Stainless No
Rotor Dimensions
Rotor Width(In): Rotor Diameter(In):
0.81 11.75
Pad Dimensions
Pad Area (in²): Pad Volume (in³):
10 3.9
Mount Center(In): Mount Position: Mount Side: Mount Type:
7.06 Universal Floating
Duty Rating & Material
Material: Weight(Lbs):
Aluminum 3.7
Colors & Finishes
Color: Finish:
Clear Clear Anodize
Product Documents
Full Product Product Data Sheet Installation Instructions
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Vehicle Applications
Driving EnvironmentVehicle Sub-TypesApplication Duty
Street Rods  Heavy Duty
Street Performance DomesticHeavy Duty
Street Performance ImportHeavy Duty
Late Model Asphalt ASA, All Pro, SW Tour, etc...Medium Duty
Drag Racing Heavy Duty
Off Road Medium Duty

Product Specifications
Rotor Compatibility
Rotor Width(In): 0.81
Maximum Rotor Width(In): 0.81
Minimum Rotor Width(In): 0.75
Maximum Rotor Diameter(In): 11.75
Minimum Rotor Diameter(In): 11
Brake Pad Specifications
Brake Pad Type 1: D52
Brake Pad Type 2: N-A
Brake Pad Type 3: N-A
Total Pad Area (in²): 10
Total Pad Volume (in³): 3.9
Pad Dimensions & Part Numbers
Pad Dimensions for the GM III Single Piston Floater

Pad Dimensions for the GM III Single Piston Floater
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Piston Specifications
Piston 1 Bore(In): 2.38
Piston 2 Bore(In):
Piston 3 Bore(In):
Total Piston Area (in²): 4.45
Mounting Specifications
Mount Type: Floating
Mount Side: Universal
Mount Center(In): 7.06
Mount Hole Size(In): 0.69
Mount Height(In): 0.77
Inlet Thread Size: 1/8-27 NPT
Mount Dimensions & Part Numbers
Dimensions for the GM III Single Piston Floater

Dimensions for the GM III Single Piston Floater
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Parts & Accessories
O-Ring Kit: 130-4956
Replacement Dust Boot: N-A
Replacement Piston 1: 200-1119
Replacement Piston 2: N-A
Replacement Piston 3: N-A
Replacement Piston 4: N-A
Cross-Over O-Ring Kit: N-A
Bridge Bolt Kit: N-A
Wear Plate L/H: N-A
Wear Plate R/H: N-A
Pad Retainer: N-A
Bleed Screw Kit: 220-0627
Self Bleeder Tube: N-A
Cross-Over Tube: N-A